Monday, August 24, 2009

Soccer makes for a Good Weekend

ASU sponsored a little 3v3 tournament Sunday,
a fundraiser for their women's program.
Coley played from noon-6pm.
For the record I took no photos of him actually playing...
I was too busy cheering...
but I took lots of random photos.

Like of Jared...being tall. And Jack being goofy. (I SO need a 50mm fixed lens)
Good stuff, huh?!?
The best...
Colten getting his medal...for winning the tourney.
Hope you had a nice weekend!


gabbyfek said...

LOVE the pics.
and LOVE the medal ceremony-- hee. cute chicks + a medal = awesome sauce. too funny.
congrats, oley-o!
love yous.

Shaun said...

Congrats Mr. Colten! Erika, will you do me a favor and pinch Jack's cheeks for me!

Anonymous said...

Tell Col there are 2 girls on the ASU team from St. Charles, IL.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and you stole that one picture from their website.

erika said...

Colin knows about the St. Charles girls and that is very cool.
The photo though is mine.
I took it.
On my camera.
I was standing next to the girl from ASU that was taking them, so I bet they're similar.
GREAT observation.

erika said...
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gabbyfek said...

my sister
long time.

essie said...

meee tooo!

whomever "anonymous" may be...
you need to preface accusations WITH a name
hiding behind a teeny tiny cloak of anonymity
that isn't cool
our erika
she's hands off.

take my advice, and walk away from the can find me at if you need more of an explanation.

my name is esther.