Friday, August 14, 2009

"Then all around from far away across the world
he smelled good things to eat
so he gave up being king of where the wild things are.

"Where the Wild Things Are" - Maurice Sendak
Someone was a little overtired after their youth group retreat...
Someone let their mouth get the best of them...
Someone was sent to their room until dinner...
and that someone was found like this when they were called for dinner.
I think someone was a little sleepy.

Teens need sleep.
or they get cranky.
and just because lack of sleep makes one cranky, that doesn't excuse the behavior or make it acceptable...
Hence the room time yesterday.
(Today seems much better)

"Vamp club not all it was made out to be huh? Lots of freaks I hear... and people from Arkansas."
-Arlene, TrueBlood Season 1 Episode 5

Do you know how much that quote made me laugh?! Answer: Lots.

This weekend:
GI Joe at the theater
Ice cream for dinner
Barnes and Noble
Season one of TrueBlood on bluray
Fun mail from Gabby
the yum Mexican restaurant
Lots of playing outside for the small boys
*Youth group retreat for Jared

"This was a fun day" -Jack(on Saturday)

Tonight is open house for all three. Only two schools this year, instead of three.
Colten and Jack have their school supplies and are ready to go.
Jared finally gets his list tonight...
Which means back-to-school-shopping round two tomorrow.
Oh Joy.

Colten is getting his the end of the mohawk haircut.
He decided that it was getting much too trendy (especially around here),
and that trendy just isn't his style
so hopefully he likes his new do,
he has had a mohawk for five years.
(aka half his life)

Tomorrow we must institute "back-to-school-bedtime" again.
I fully intended to start last week,
but of course I've put it off,
and now it just makes sense to let them finish enjoying late nights and late mornings...
in exchange for the struggle tomorrow night will bring.
I'm going to start reading The Lightning Thief outloud to the littles which may help the transition...
I tried to convince them to read Harry Potter, but they refused.
Funny how that that series really sparked Jareds love affair with reading,
and I can't get the little ones to touch it.

My new banner.
Colin's sister and BIL got him fancy-schmancy beer for Christmas. Cork in the bottles fancy.
Thick beautiful bottles...
I have a thing for glass bottles.
I had this vision of a red-and-white checked table cloth & the brown bottles filled with daisies.
The above photo was just a trial run sans the table cloth/daisy combo.
Jared is really not a fan.
He claims that my beer-bottle-as-vase idea is one of the "most hillbilly things" I've ever done.
and that it is a "terrible concept"...
(did I mention teenagers are also brutally honest?!?)
Well then...
Just try to ignore my hillbilly banner y'all...


Missy said...

I bought the Lightning Thief a couple of weeks ago... I was thinking it would be a good one to have :)..

and, funny, Con's letting me read him a chapter of Harry Potter a night right now... I thought it would be a good way to transition to school bed time (great minds, baby).

Your weekend sounded LOVELY...
and I like your flowers in beer bottles.
But what do I know.. I live in Ohio ;)

gabbyfek said...

i love
about this post.
except for the fact that it all didn't occur in north carolina where you should be. with me.
love you.

essie said...

only if you walk into a rest stop bathroom without shoes on...then you really will be a hillbilly!

sarah said...

i love your hillbilly beer bottle vases. i think they're lovely!

another thing that's lovely? your weekend!