Friday, August 28, 2009

The Today.

Loves Math. Is happy to be back at school with Coley. Thinks his new expander is torture.
Is playing fall baseball and soccer. Loves the neighbor's trampoline and wants one at "our next house". Would eat chicken and mashed potatoes for every meal. Is so slow in the mornings he may cause Colten to have a nervous breakdown. Likes his new teacher. Has his best buddies in his class. Is thoughtful. Not a fan of washing his hair or reading for fun. But loves when I read to them before bed. Drinks water like his momma. (all the time) Loves the cooler weather. (80s) Is anxious for soccer to officially start. Titans football fan. Axe hair gel. Very much likes to be early. (see above) Loves Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. Thinks he's a teenager. Facebooker. Steals my Junior Mint stash. Can be sweet one second, and completely sassy the next. Always needs a hoodie for class. First year with lockers at school. Likes his teacher. Not a lot of good friends in his class. Beastie Boys on his IPOD. Loves to read. Does not like the "little kids" from Jack's class saying "hi" to him in the halls. Eats chocolate ice cream with lots of whip cream (almost) every night. Ridiculously tall. (6ft and growing) So smart. Unbelievably so.
(Just don't quiz him on common sense) Loves soccer. Such a devoted friend.
(Has a great group of them) Loves his youth group. Can drink more juice than any person should. (Ditto that for eating chips) Is taking his drivers test soon. Has the best sense of humor.
Can make me crazy mad when he talks back. Wants a weight bench in a bad way. Loves smoothies. Calls me "Mommy" when he wants something, and "Mother" when he's trying to be funny. (and "Mom" the rest of the time) "Y'all" is definitely part of his vocab. Hollister cologne.

So happy it's Friday.
Hopefully sushi for lunch with the husband.
Pizza/movie night with the boylies.
Guitar lessons tomorrow after a little summer break.
*A school dance for the J which I forgot about....
Sunday is a ref class for Jared, and ball-boy duty for Coley at the ASU game. (wink)
Happy weekend!


gabbyfek said...

love this
love your weekend plans
love the wink
love you.

debbie said...

handsome, handsome, and handsome.
they must have a great mama...
(and dad)
and a great photographer to boot! ;)

Shaun said...

What a GREAT post! I love it. Such amazing young men. You must be so proud. Have a groovy weekend.

essie said...

um-pres calls me Mommy toooooo
when he WANTS something!!
funny funny!