Tuesday, August 04, 2009

trying to post about the past month...
before it's September.
so in reverse of how it actually happened...

Jack's baseball team played in the state tournament.
it was five hours away.
it was expensive (hotel, gas, food...times 5)
in one of the last games Jack hit a homerun and caught a fly ball playing second.
(is that what it's called Col? a fly ball?)
it was totally his game.
and made the weekend completely worth it right there.
the look on his face after that game was priceless.
they went on to lose the tournament, but they played their little hearts out.
it was awesome.

tonight is his end of season swim party at the country club.
vom. it.
Colin is out of town,
which means I have to attempt to be social.
*that said please note...
we ran into one of the team moms at the movie theater the other night...
and to really sum up my issue with the women here,
she said
and I quote...
"did you see The Hangover yet? it's so funny. I went to see it really late at night so no one I knew would see me"
are you kidding me?
(answer. no she was totally not kidding)
because image is everything you know.
and no one is actually who they appear to be.
nothing annoys me more.
guess what?
I saw The Hangover.
it was a riot.
and if you don't like me because you know I saw it...
so. be. it.
at least I don't pretend to be someone I'm soooooo not.
ahhhhhh... I'm excited about hanging out tonight.
should be fun fun fun....

I'm having one of those days...
focus on the handsome baseball player in the photo above...
ignore me.


pakosta said...

I haven't heard of or seen that movie yet. now you have me wondering! I don't like when people are fake either, but at least she must feel she can be real around you since she knows you are REAL! so you should feel good about that~!
congrats to jack!!!!
cute pic too!
try to have fun tonight LOL!

Shaun said...

Man, what did you say back to miss high and mighty and my sh_t don't stink? Great job Mr. Baseball! What a great way to end a season.

essie said...

so i am totally going to "ya ya sisterhood-nap" you and you will wake up in germany.
you can be yourself, speak another language, and take your big-ish kids to see the Hangover
b/c apparently
i'm that kind of momma!

yayness for the J
yay for him
liquid courage for his momma, i reccommend!

loving you!!!

gabbyfek said...

love you sisser
i have lots of those days
add a root canal
and i'm right there with you.
love you

sarah said...

way to go jack!
what an awesome game!

boo on the hypocrites in arkansas.
big pet peeve. HUGE.
that state is crazyville.