Friday, August 21, 2009

Colten is so handsome...even with his mom casting a shadow on his head.
(I'm very professional first thing in the morning)
Colin took the two older boys to get haircuts last night.
I took Jack to his baseball scrimmage.
When the rest of the crew arrived at the game,
Coley went over to the dugout to show Jack his haircut...
Jack said "I didn't even recognize you....I thought it was Beckham!"
Which of course thrilled Colten...and was such a sweet brotherly moment for me.

A few thoughts on the first (half) week of school:

Waking up at 6:30 has already become waking up at 6:45...
place your bets now on when I will try and make that 7am.
I guarantee it won't take long.

I'm driving the boys to school this year and picking them up.
For several reasons.
I can this year.
Last year I couldn't get three of them to three different schools at the same time,
without one of them being ridiculously early,
or in my case absurdly late...
The other main reason, after having Colten ride the bus for the first time ever last year,
is the unwanted crash course on sex education he received...from very uneducated children.
Enough said.

However, I have no doubt the drop off and pick up line will cause me to have a nervous breakdown in the not so distant future.
Why do adults not understand the concept of taking turns?

The nice lady that came around to the cars waiting in the pick up line
to write the kids names on cards to place in the windshield,
wrote COTTEN for Colten....
making me giggle the entire way around the loop,
because when I got to the front I knew that on the megaphone
"Cotten" was going to be announced,
and Cotten would be none too happy about that one.

The little ones are so chatty when they get in the car after school.
Non-stop chatty.
It is hysterical because they both have conversations with me, at the same time.
Even Jared is pretty chatty about school when he gets in the car.
I like this.

As you can tell by the first day photo...
My boys didn't want new clothes for the first day.
Not even a shirt.
and trust me...
I asked.
Several times.
(Just to be sure)
The day before the first day,
I asked them to start "thinking about what they wanted to wear"...
They looked at me like I was speaking Russian.
They woke up on the first day, and like it was any other morning,
they just grabbed something and threw it on.
When I was little I remember being so concerned about the "first day outfit"...
not so much my boys.
I guess that's a good thing.
They have more than made up for the lack of back-to-school shopping with
soccer-is-starting shopping...
and have earmarked almost every page in the Eurosport catalog.

I admit, I did order a few things for the littles from MiniBoden...
for fall...
(or whenever it will start to feel like fall...December maybe?!?)

funny story:
When I saw the monster applique shirts I KNEW Jack would lose his mind in love...
so I asked which one he wanted...
He replied "OH, the dog and the rabbit!"
(the dog = the blue shirt, the rabbit = the red)
The dog and the rabbit.
Love that kid...

This weekend:
Jack has a baseball tournament.
Colten has a 3 v 3 soccer tourney.
and Jared has a movie date with a bunch of friends...
Happy Friday!!!


tara pollard pakosta said...

funny, I asked my girls if they wanted new clothes *they actually do need them as savannah only has 3 shirts right now that she will wear, so i gave the rest away seeing she never wore them*. they both told me no they didn't want anything....BUT i still think they need some!
love the haircut!

Shaun said...

Okay, what are you feeding those boys that makes them not want new clothes? I need it for my boys. Vinny did not care too much even though she needed a whole new wardrobe. The boys did not need anything! That did not stop us from spending wayyyy too much $ on them. Vinny still needs some things. As soon as the Bronchitis leaves me, we are shopping.
Don't you love Mini Boden? Colten hair is awesome! I must admit that I do miss the mohawk. He does look so handsome.

sarah said...

coleys new cut is awesome. such handsome boys you have!

and i totally see a dog and a rabbit in those monsters! nice call jack!

happy weekend!

essie said...

i miss you!
our eurosport catalog looks just like yours!!!