Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm sorting through photos from last month.
I'm still in my jammies.
the littles are outside with the neighbor boys
jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on.
(yes...I sort of want to join in)
Jared is asking to go to Barnes and Noble, and the guitar store.
grilling chicken kabobs for dinner.
and pineapple.

the computer didn't work most of the day.
we had to get up early for Jack's orthodontist appointment.
we went to Target.
Jack said "this is sooo much better than Walmart"
(thank goodness I've trained them well)
I made homemade mango salsa. yum.
we had tostadas
and ate breyers cherry vanilla ice cream with hot fudge for dessert.

starts the last weekend of summer break.
we will get Jared packed,
he leaves for a youth group back-to-school retreat at 6.
we will have movie night.
and figure dinner out on the fly...
because I have nothing planned (shhhh... don't tell Col)

get ready for a photo recap of July.
only because I want to document it.
no matter how late the documentation may be...
darn computer.

the above is the very darling evansen...
blowing bubbles with the boys before we left to come back to Arkansas.


sarah said...

homemade mango salsa? tostadas? ice cream and hot fudge? why was i not invited for dinner yesterday?

and i'd LOVE the mango salsa recipe if you wouldn't mind :)

(p.s. i thought i was only like 2 blog posts behind...sorry to bombard you with comments! apparently not only have i been a blog slacker but you've been a busy blogger!)


pakosta said...

he is too CUTE!!!
love the blog posts!
keep em coming!

gabbyfek said...

i love your mango salsa
too bad mike won't eat it
so i don't make it for us
it makes it MORE of a special occasion to have it wif youuuuuu.
i love these pics.
i do
i do
i do.

essie said...

i love the yesterday, today, tomorrow posts!