Monday, August 03, 2009

we went with the red.
contrary to the overwhelming response of red is a bad idea e....
we went with it.
such rebels we are.
and hey...
don't you hate it when people ask for advice and then ignore it?
I know. me too.
but I love red. and I think it suits us.
however... it is slip-covered.
(brilliant with three boys)
so we will also be getting a very neutral white for when red seems like a bad idea.
clearly I never think red is a bad idea.
I may only use the white for special occasions.
like when we get a puppy...
or babies are involved.
then I hear white is a smart option.
(kidding...I just obviously have lost all practical sense)anyway. our new sofa.
it's really the highlight of my day today.

The really fabulous thing is,
when we get rid of the old sofa and the chair.
(yes. they're still hanging out in the living room. we're classy like that)
I will officially only have a sofa.
one place to sit. in all of the living room.
eventually I hope to purchase a chocolate leather chair...
and maybe a funky second chair...
in the meantime,
I'm thinking carpet squares.
like preschool style.
friends come over...
and they can just pull up a carpet square.


sarah said...

i love the red. LOVE it.
and it looks super comfy.

when i come visit (someday) i'll bring a carpet square to sit on ;)

you make me laugh!

Colin said...
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essie said...

the red couch matches the red truck!
personally after an "aubergeine and pear" kitchen (ala miranda drive) i for one know you can pull off anything!
we had a green couch...remember...and greenbay packers paint in our house
love you!

gabbyfek said...

i am so in love.