Thursday, August 27, 2009

My spider senses telling me Spiderman is nearby...

"You find me offensive?
I find you offensive
For finding me offensive..."


I found it hard difficult nearly impossible not to swear while driving.
I don't normally swear a lot, so the boys found this hysterically funny.
(they're boys...bad words are a riot)
"Sorry boys. SORRY. Ok, I'm not going to say that again, and you should never say it"...
10 minutes later...
"Sorry boys..."
Ugh. Bad momma.
The boys decided that I should come up with a word to use instead of saying....well, that word.
They chose rhyming
I said it should be something wonderful and happy, like rainbow, or glitter, or cupcake...

Enter stage right....

My Cupcake of a Day Yesterday.

I woke up with the kind of headache that makes it feel like you stuck your head in a vice...

I had to take Jack to the orthodontist for his expanders.
(I thought he was getting them a few weeks ago, but those were just spacers...Silly me)
They told me to get there 30 minutes early if any of the spacers had come out...
which they had.
So, cue me, picking Jack up 45 minutes before his appointment from school.
One hour later.
We hadn't been seen yet.
Two hours later we left.
Me and a teary eyed Jack,
with a mouth full of metal,
and a horrible speech impediment that must go away...

We went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe.
I took him back to school.
I went to the grocery store.
I picked them all up from school.
And we went to Walmart.
The only reason I mention this part of my day is because throughout that...
I was unaware that...
Something else humiliating happened...
which would involve way too much TMI for my blog...
but suffice it to say...
it was a seriously, are you kidding me moment...
I went in four different places....

I shall move on...
When I picked Jared up from school...
He told me about his two high school teachers.
(He is a freshman, but 7th-9th are in the junior high building, he takes two classes at the high school however...which is RIGHT next to the jr high)
One informed him that he was causing her more "work"
and he should just go back to the jr. high.
The other told him he was lying about doing the math problem in his head.
(For the record he did it in his head...and got the answer right)
Meeting with the school tomorrow....oooh yes. I am.

I got lost taking Jared where he was going...
poor me, I know.
Just the normal "bad" day...nothing major.

Just as all was almost right in the world,
Boys were clean and jammied...
I was rockin my sweats....
stories were about to be read...
and Colin was due home in the not so distant future...
I noticed an email

Anonymous had commented twice on my blog.

And that my friends...
was the straw that broke...
it was the icing on the cupcake.
I mean.
Come on.

The end.

(exit stage left, curtains fall)


Jason Ebeling said...

You're too kind. Especially since you know Capt. Anonymous?

Sorry you had a cupcake day. I have a feeling I'm making cupcakes right now....we'll see later today! Arrgghh.

sarah said...

i'm sorry your day was crap.
i think there must be something in the air. lots of people are having cupcake like days around here (me included).

anonymous commenters are lame.
i'm sorry you have to deal with them.

gabbyfek said...

i love you for so many reasons
but this --->
The real moral to this tale is...
Messing with my children, my husband, or my art...
will always piss me off.
is perfection.
and i love it.
that was a cuppycake sort of day.
i love you.
come here. soon.

essie said...

you know how i feel about this
mow that grass e,
mow that grass!

i love you!

Ashley Wren said...

so lame dude.
proud of you e.
so classy.
i mean you are totally being jennifer aniston in this sitch here.
to better days right?
i might get to see you first week in october! details soon.


Audrey said...

sorry about the crappy day, E. hope today is better.

and yeah -- about the picture. I went to the ASU website. It's so obvious that your picture is your picture. Different angles and everything. What a tool.

Shaun said...

Man, you are having a week! Go get em at school and nice catch on Mr. Anonymous.
Keep on going girl!

Missy said...

Suck it, anonymous.
Why do people think it's ok to hide online and be mean? It's not.

YOU are a wonderful mama/wife/friend - even on your most craptastic days. Remember this.

pakosta said...

Way to go calling that person out on her petty words!
have a better day today friend!