Friday, December 18, 2009

Colten snuck a present under the tree for Jack.
He made him something special at school.
He thought he would like it.
"Don't worry's just something I don't have to make me anything"

Jared and Jack had off today...
Colten finished tests yesterday like his brothers,
but his teachers planned a breakfast party, and a day of bowling today...
so Coley went to school.

At home.
"What should I make for Colten?"
"I'm not sure son...just draw him a picture, he'll like that"
"No. That is not good enough. He made me something"

"What should I make for Colten"
(was on repeat all morning long)
Jared rolled out of bed around 11am.
"What should I make for Colten?"
he asked me for the umpteeth-thousandth time.
"Why don't you make him a bookmark...he reads all the time?"
Jared replied.

aww...Thank you Jared.Very serious bookmark making took place the rest of the day.


Audrey said...

love that very serious bookmark-painting face (and the hair -- too cute!) I am sure Coley will love his bookmark.

sarah said...

you are raising some wonderful young men e! too sweet :)


essie said...

what i would give for a special "hmmm" moment like that!

tara pollard pakosta said...


they melt my heart, seriously.
how have to save colten for savannah one day, they would make the PERFECT pair!!! seriously! what thoughtful sweet boys, dont' know if I am overly sentimental today, but this brought happy tears to my eyes.
love ya,

gabbyfek said...

ev + jack = in sync.
ev was using those same paints. but not for the same purpose.
but i thought that was sweet, as he does love his dack so much.