Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We've been having fun...
and now...
I'm paying for it with this never-ending-pile-of-laundry...
like whoa.
I'm planning on leaving the house today though...
with the boys...
who haven't left the sofa much since their fabulous parents
gifted them with a playstation3.
gosh we're nice.
(possibly not very smart, but very nice)
I think an outing might be a good thing.

***I'll try and post some of these photos on facebook later individually, but it just wasn't going to happen on the blog...waaay too many.


pakosta said...

awesome awesome pix! my fave is of you reading to your boys! that needs to be blown up big in your family room! love the cookie making ones so fuN!

gabbyfek said...

i LOVE these pics.
you look AMAZING.
the cookies look so yum.
erin is itty bitty.
no zeus to be seen there!
love, love, love.
you guys are seriously the parents i hope we are some day. i love all the love and happy in these pictures.

essie said...

ditto gab
bigggggg ditto!

the pictures are the snapshot of the wonderful family that you are!
missing and loving you!

sarah said...

gabby said it best: i love all the LOVE and happy in these pictures!

looks like you had a wonderful time! and i want one of those cookies. or three. nowish. YUM.


Colin said...

We forgot to use my new Badgers dish last night...Good news is Badgers play Basketball on Sunday, so we can watch the game and use it then.