Monday, December 28, 2009

Playstations are exciting....

here is the reaction to the present from us.
total surprise.
they didn't ask for it.

few things to note:

notice the beginning
this is why colin doesn't take many photos or video of things...
(when I first watched it I thought for sure he'd missed the whole thing)
erin's laugh cracks me up
so does coley saying "why did you DO THAT?"...too cute.
(he couldn't figure out why we spent so much)
I wrapped it 3 times...hence the unwrap, unwrap, unwrap happening... you go


gabbyfek said...

i LOVE oley.
and col's a way better videographer than me.

essie said...

i am loving the
and the squeeling

loving the giving
loving the receiving
loving the treehouse!

merry christmas!!

sarah said...

i loved this! loved the layers of wrapping...the excited squeals and coleys "why did you DO THAT?!".
what sweet boys!


Shaun said...

LOVE IT! I love how your wrapped it three times. I have not thought of that one. I have wrapped phones in 20 different wrapped boxes inside of each other before. Too much work. Looks like the boys had a great holiday!

Missy said...

jon and I are giggling.
what a great gift!!

and if you haven't yet, get little big planet.
it's good for moms and sons.
TRUST ME :) xoxo

lisa truesdell said...

that is awesome. =) sam says we have to watch it again.