Friday, December 04, 2009

With a bow...

"Ummmm...things I want... robot dog, night vision goggles, bug vacuum, GPS watch, speakers that look like rocks. I love my wife, but she sucks at giving gifts. I'm sorry for the pay channel language but.... Oh...Yogurt maker...I can't not think of things I want"
(Oh Modern Family you make me laugh)

I have asked for a Harley now for quite sometime...
I'm pretty sure I asked for one last Christmas,
I know I did for our anniversary,
and again for my birthday.
Colin keeps mumbling something about "not having an extra $15,000 laying around blahblahblah...Jax Teller not coming with the bike...blahblahblah...."
I'm not really sure.

We all have frivolous wants right?
I have a few lately...
and I'm not even a shopper.

Spending money this time of year makes me a nervous nelly.
Awhile back we finally paid off those darn credit cards...
and just to make it less stressful...
we intentionally saved money this year for Christmas,
(I know...huge for us! we were on a roll)

so of course...
our stupid roof needs to be replaced.
Just one side actually.
I had no idea roofs are so expensive...
$2200...what the?!?
It sort of really really sucks.
(Sorry for the pay channel language)
and I sort of want to cry.
but I'm not.
because it's Christmas time.
I have a house.
I will have a new roof.
and it will be fine...
Those darn credit cards just make me nervous...
but I'm not going to stress.
and I'm not going to stay up one more night discussing it with my husband...
that just is not productive.
(or fun)

Some of you might remember last year this time, our truck died.
so I'm not sure why any of this comes as a surprise to me anymore...
It's really kind of funny...

Yeah, so instead of stressing,
I'm going to spend more money...
because clearly that will help.
(I'm kidding Colin...I'm kidding....well, sort of)

My boys don't get things "just because"...
I'm not the mom that buys them toys, or games, or movies just because.
So Christmas,
while I try hard to keep the meaning true and bright...
does mean they get things...
things they've wanted all year.
and I admit I do love spoiling them a little.
I also love hearing what they've been dreaming of.
Right now,
it's laser pointers.
Laser pointers.
(should I get them a cat to go with that?)

Colten has also requested a pair of binoculars, some games and a hat.
JackBanana along with the red beam of light would like, a crayon maker, and a baseball "that shows the speed you throw it".

Every year there is always one boy
that can't think of anything they'd like.
It's lovely...
and extremely frustrating at the same time.
This year that child would be Jared.
"I just don't really need anything Mom. I mean, except money for the movies, and you give me that."
It's not completely innocent,
I know he'd love a laptop,
but that's not in the he won't ask for it.

The one thing I know he'd really like is actually pretty cool.
Awhile back the boys were watching one of those horrible Mtv shows,
I think it was entitled children show off their parents really ridiculously huge homes....
or something like that.
Anyway, it was an inventor's home,
and he had a room that was an entire white board room....
the whole room.
Because Jared wants to be Charlie Eppes from Numb3rs when he grows up,
he thought it was just the best idea ever,
and would really like a white board wall in his room...
maybe a room-redo?
I'm toying with it...
and researching how to make huge white board wall out of melamine,
because real white boards are super spendy...
who knew?!?...

Except you can't really wrap that up with a bow ...
it's kind of like my new roof...
it might have to go un-wrapped.
Unless the roofer has a sense of humor...
and frankly for that much money,
he should.


pakosta said...

you. crack. me. up.!!!
I so wish I had the money to buy him a laptop. I totally would! And credit cards/make me nuts too.
but we have them and shouldn't! UGH! it's a lose/lose situation really. I love christmas and spoiling them also! You have such good kids let me tell you! they are the best.

sarah said...

arg. it annoys me that expensive fixes ALWAYS come at christmastime! darn roof. i hope it comes with a bow :)

Jeannie said...

could you do a chalk board wall instead? then you could just paint the wall with chalkboard paint. (which is more expensive than normal paint, but probably not as expensive as a white board wall.) Chalk dust kinda sucks, but it might be worth it. It also might be easier if you guys move, that way the new owner, or you could just paint over it... just a thought. :)

lisa truesdell said...

((hugs)) on the new roof. that totally sucks. =P

Wendy said...

I usually lurk, but had to tell you that they now make white board paint. It's the same as the chalkboard paint...may be worth looking into. Has to be cheaper than buying an huge white board!

essie said...


you are a great mom
you are a great wife
we had our cards down until the trip of nakedness to the canary islands
which i won't be advising anyone to go on anytime soon
right before the holidays

a roof-
a car-
they are things
and you KNOW
that somewhere in his shop behind our house in NC
"Hollywood's Custom Choppers"

there is the MOTHER of all bikes waiting for you!

Santa hasn't forgotten your addy my sweet friend-
no sireee
he fully anticipates us, drinking the only tea we can afford (sweet) on rickety rockers lining a front porch at a bike rally.

one day lovebug
one day!

ps-good for you saving extra-we didn't and know i'm throwing up a little in my mouth with anxiety over the "available balance" number


gabbyfek said...

love you.
i hate expensive fixes that HAVE to be done.
i think we have whiteboards in the meeting rooms at work. want me to wander around and take them down? i'm SURE no one would notice and it's legal, right?
loves yous.