Monday, December 07, 2009

this weekend was...
football watching eggnog drinking Christmasing the house, the tiny tree forest my new advent calendar I'd forgotten about nachos movies cold weather a kind of sick Jack cookies Christmas card photo attempts a bit of shopping and blueberry pancakes


tara pollard pakosta said...

what an awesome weekend! LUCKY YOU! did you get a picture for cards?! show us more!!!
Our weekend was pretty boring, but parts of it were fun. we decorated our tree, watched the movie UP, michael and I watched 4 CHristmas's, got a starbucks, had a photo shoot. now I am feeling kinda sick!
hope jack is better.
love, tara

sarah said...

what a wonderful weekend!


Audrey said...

love weekends like that -- full of little bits and pieces of things that just make you happy.

The littles look really little next to Jared. Wow. Such cute boys though.

essie said...

okay-so i can't WAIT for your card!


gabbyfek said...

i make the pancakes. i make the BLUEBERRY pancakes.
i want tiny tree forest pics.
mine is growing.
but yours
yours is the greatest in the universe!!!
also, how do those pinecones STILL SMELL so strongly? YUCK.
i'd also like some nachos.

Baby Scale said...
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