Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White board PAINT?!?
I had no idea.
(Thank you Wendy!)Jared is getting a room makeover,
not for Christmas...
just because.
Unless I find out the first of the year we're moving.
Then he's getting a new room...and we'll just go from there.
I'm excited. I need a project.

The chalkboard paint suggestion was also fabulous,
and I've been saving this link for forever...
because the littles are SO getting an orange chalkboard wall...
love it.
(buyers might not love it though, so next house)

I am off to clean.
Colin's mom and sister (and baby in her belly) are set to arrive this evening.
Let the pAr-tAy begin!


sarah said...

white board paint is COOL!
and i had NO idea they had COLORED chalkboard paint! that is awesome too.


essie said...

let the wild rumpus start!
off to be crafty and get some things done!

loving you JammmE

gabbyfek said...

nuh UH
i had no idea on either of those things. AHHHHH-mazing, love. their rooms will ROCK. so cool.

pakosta said...

white board paint! now that's COOL!!!! LOVE IT! can't wait to see what you guys do!

Shaun said...

Thanks for the link! I want to paint a wall in our kitchen with a colored chalkboard paint. I am also going to use a magnetic primer so we can use magnets as well as chalk. Have you seen the cool new chalk pens? No dust and they wipe clean with wipes. I got them at Michaels!