Wednesday, December 02, 2009

perpetual motion 
–noun Mechanics.
the motion of a theoretical mechanism that, without any losses due to friction or other forms of dissipation of energy, would continue to operate indefinitely at the same rate without any external energy being applied to it.

I checked the dictionary,
just to see if Ev had been added to the list of definitions.
not yet it seems.

Evansen is super cute.
super happy.
super fast.

So for the record,
I said there were a few photos I like...
not a few that were good.
they are all painfully bad.
thankfully the cute that is Ev makes the bad waaay better... would be the part where I'm running backwards.
and Gab is yelling things like...
"E! lookout! Poop! Right! OH, I mean Left! My right! Your left!"


tara pp said...

I love them all e, but that last one is PRICELESS and beautifuL! I bet your sister LOVES these!!!!! they are GREAT!

essie said...

this made me really miss you

Julie said...

LOVE these pictures. You are way too hard on yourself. They are FABULOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great holiday with the family.

gabbyfek said...

i loooooooooove these.
they are so fantastic.
and tara pp is exactly right.
and they are priceless and beautiful.
and MORE.
look at for that poop.
and ha.
check out zeus-y.

lisa truesdell said...

lovelovelove. =)

sarah said...

so beautiful.
and i agree with all. you, my friend, are way too hard on yourself. these are fantastic!

Shaun said...

AMAZING PHOTOS!!!!! He is so adorable and it is so obvious that he is very loved. Glad you had a nice holiday!