Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Zeus was here.

10 random facts from our break.

1. I forgot to take a photo of all of us sitting at the table.
or of the food.
or of us and the food. at. the. table.

Jared managed to snap this gem though.
(I have no idea...it's best not to ask) I was actually really bad about taking photos.
so trust me when I say Mike was here.
and my folks.
I was enjoying them all too much to take photos, clearly.

2. I made 2 pumpkin pies.
then I dropped one on my foot.
(no, I'm not kidding)
so. I ended up actually making 3 delicious pies creatively named "pumpkin"...
two named pumpkin, one named "darn" pie that fell on my foot...

3. The littles really loved playing with Ev.
They have mentioned a million times since he left that I need to provide them with a baby brother or sister.
(they are not getting THAT for Christmas)
4. we crafted with pinecones and glitter.
come on. does it get anymore crafty?!?

5. video games were played.
Uncle Merry Mike came bearing a gift of wii Scene It...
for the boys of course....
yep, for the boys.
not at all for me....nope.
(oooh my gosh I LOVE wii Scene It...thank you Mike)
6. Evan can say all our names now.
Extremely adorable...although he's still very partial to "Dack".
I am officially "Eeeeeeeee"
and then laughter follows.
which leads to believe I'm either hysterically funny,
or veeeery funny looking.

7. We attempted a photo shoot with the Ev.
It didn't go well.
He's fast like ninja.
Most photos look like this...

but there are a few that I like...
I'll post them tomorrow...8.the next day we tried to take some photos of all four boys before the Feks left.
horribly unsuccessful.
9. the littles were very anxious to break the wishbone.
Col got them in position and explained the rules...


pakosta said...

love the wishbone conversation, such a sweet boy that coley cole is.....
and ev, what a heartbreaker with those curls...
glad you had such a wonderful time! the memories are what counts and at least you have a few pix to throw in with the memories!
talk SOON!

sarah said...

i'm SO glad you had such a wonderful time with you family! YAY!

and i had something planned to comment on for every number...until i got to number nine.


please ask for a baby for christmas.
remember i knit. and babies look adorable in hand knits.

essie said...

love these
love them
love you

gabbyfek said...

love you.
love ev's face in the boy pic.
the snug with col?
that's pretty much too much.
yeah. i loves.
i laughed at the pie story.
i'd almost forgotten.
our pinecones rock.
how come no one else mentioned those?
we loooooove you, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
and for the record
he still laughs every single time we talk about you.

Mike said...

So glad Zeus was able to make it, and that Scene It is a big hit

essie said...

um...i LOVE zeus

miss you all!