Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I love this child

waiting in the truck for Jared to get done with school.

on the radio

"Tiger Woods dolls are now on clearance at ToysRUs ..."


"Tiger Woods dolls? There are Tiger Woods dolls?!? they come with little golf clubs so you can hit him?
Or a little truck so you can drive him into a tree?
Or a wife doll?
Or 2...
or 3?
Maybe one that's from Vegas?"


sarah said...

holy crap. that is seriously HILARIOUS!


pakosta said...

haaaaaaa! what a riot!
he is too cute and to smart!

essie said...

yes, we love the coley-o too!
and can;t even discuss the tiger just makes me crinkle up my nose and go "eeww."

poor elin.