Wednesday, December 09, 2009

despite this...we had a most excellent time.

some thoughts...
all of my shots of LeBron doing amazing things are blurry...
it was just too exciting! he's lovely to watch...
even warming up.
even giving everyone "secret handshakes" before the game.
even throwing powder up in the air.
very lovely.
and amazing...did I mention amazing?Shaq's feet are really really big.
even from really really far away. LeBron has nice arms.
really nice arms. Jack desperately wanted to catch a t-shirt.
I think his Cavs attire might have hindered his chances... he was ready though.

When everyone around us was yelling "Defense! Defense!"
my boys were screaming "Offense! Offense!"
NBA games are a lot of fun.Jared had so much fun he didn't text once.(but he kept his phone close...just in case) he also decided "when he grows up" he'd like to be a mascot.
(it does look like a fun job)

they even made it to school today before lunch.

the end.


sarah said...

hooray! i'm glad you all had a wonderful time!

and another yay for sleeping in until lunchtime ;)


gabbyfek said...

ok, so I love this muchly.
soooooo fun.
also meg my college roomates boyfriend Lyle is a mascot. he so loved it. kind of hiarious.

pakosta said...

how fuN! lucky boys!
The only and last game I went to was to see Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen = the BULLS! miss those days!
glad you took pix!

essie said...

love this!!
for the record...i'm off to find the shirt that fell behind the seats when it was thrown AT jack!