Tuesday, February 24, 2009

...and we shall use the word project loosely

so yesterday I worked on a project I like to call "make the closet usable".
I'm not sure what happened in our closet,
but during Christmas time it became this giant hide-a-gift-catch-all...
and it just never recovered.
read that, I haven't bothered cleaning it since...
it's a closet people, no one actually sees it.
in the process of cleaning I found all these old jeans that the boys had ripped the knees out of...
it took me awhile to figure out what they were doing in MY closet....
then it dawned on me.
my brilliant project.
(so brilliant in fact I'd forgotten about it)
I planned on saving the old jeans to recover the kitchen chairs.
(the seat part...just stating the obvious)
(totally easy way to make your chairs look completely different)
Colten in the past few months has doubled my supply. so I have more than enough now.
I'm actually not sure this is brilliant, or dumb.
but it seemed like a nice durable fabric
(well, except in the knee area clearly)
that would wear well to my boys abuse at the dinner table.
and I thought it would look nice with the green of my kitchen...

that really is my design theory at this point in my life.
1. will it survive the boys.
2. do I like it.
deep. I know. I have a design book....but really this is what it comes down to...

soon I will post photos of that project...finished.
unless in the process of completing that project I realize it requires sewing...
then I will can that project.
and toss the jeans.


gabbyfek said...

i adore you so muchly.

essie said...

so mr ben has puhlennty of jeans to contribute to the cause


and you can sew...yes you can!