Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jacky Boucher

thank you rob dyrdek.
my boys would now like to live in a warehouse...
with a giant foam pit...
some ramps...
and basketball hoops everywhere.
they've asked nicely...
several times today actually...
oh, and they'd also like a T-Rex car. the Jack and I are now off to basketball practice.
interesting note
Jack's coach told the kids
"if you keep score the devil will get in your head."
oh yes.
he did.
only made slightly amusing and not just absolutely horrifying because Jack
a. gets it. (that the coach is not very bright, and kind of a nut)
b. will now speak in an adam sandler waterboyesque voice....
telling me "the devil will git in yer head"...


sarah said...

he's seriously telling kids this?
what a nut!

in other thoughs:
jacks messy hands make me smile.
looks like he's been having tons of fun!


jennyrosser said...

I can relate to this one in a big way! Please to call your old friend Jen nay nay who can never store the right number for you.

Jessica F said...

your boys and my fiance!

essie said...

that is sick-ish
and kindof funny....
found in J'boro!