Wednesday, February 11, 2009


last night.
"mom! you just went through a yellow light!" Jack
"I was already in the's ok."
" costs more money if you get a ticket for going on yellow."
"what? no, you don't get a ticket for going through on yellow."
"yes. you do. and it's more than if you run a red light."
"where in the world are you getting this information?"

this morning.
" are crazy!" Jack
"I am not! maybe YOU are the crazy one...maybe your crazy just makes my un-crazy appear crazy?!"
"yeah. you are crazy. and now I'm confused."
"hey now...I'm not the one that thinks you can get a ticket for running a yellow light."
"ok crazy"


gabbyfek said...

who told him these things?!?!?!
i love that kid.

essie said...

double ha!

maybe it wuz moi.
seriously, i wish it were moi, becuz then you wudn't be so far from me...

pakosta said...

too CUTE>!
crazy kid LOL!
i HAVE to make valentines on the computer tonight to have printed for the girls friday! UGH! thanks for the reminder with the valentine photo LOL!
they want their pets on a valentine!