Friday, February 20, 2009

so random it's not worth numbering...

lets's friday.
I could post more videos.
I have some really fantastic ones.
one of colten saying "I love you mom. now fix me some popcorn."
another of jack showing me his school papers.
riveting...I know.

we will pass on that.
my teenager has completely put me off today.
I'm fairly certain he's getting his period. not for sure. but that's my hunch.
and he was so cute. what in the heck happened?
yes. I have some really fantastic photos of him when he was little. that huge red haze really adds a special something...

moving on.
I was at walmart the other day.
because they have food.
and the woman checking me out was telling me that she thinks the medication her doctor just put her on was making her blood pressure drop too low. it was 90/60.
um. yes. I would say so.
I suggested she eat some pork rinds. no. I actually suggested she call the doctor.
because frankly if you can be IN walmart and not have an increase in blood pressure ...well, you might be in serious need of medical intervention.

what other randomness do I have...

I'm eating stuffed shells right now.
the whole decision to go low carb this week has really panned out well for me...
monday. I will start monday.....

Colin just emailed me a video from about bugs in candy bars. that's pretty awesome. So the good thing about having a husband that works as a quality assurance manager is that you know a LOT about food. the bad thing about having a husband that works as a quality assurance manager is that you know a LOT about food.
it's not Nestle though... you should all eat Nestle chocolate...I'm just saying...
we were so sad to miss out on Evansen's first birthday.
but really happy with reports that he likes his present from us.
also a little frightened to learn that Colin can ride the rody horse, because the weight limit is 400lbs. why the little horse would in fact need to accommodate that much weight. I'm not sure... but Colin said he'll bring his chaps next time we visit. giddy-up.
(forgive me Gab for stealing this cutie photo of your son... I couldn't resist...look at that little tongue...makes my ovaries hurt.)
***ETA: Colin does NOT weigh 400lb. just a fyi. so I don't get in BIG trouble...ha. he also does not actually own chaps, but I'm guessing y'all figured that one out...

Jack has baseball tryouts. this weekend. he really loves baseball.
the other boys played it, and gave it up because they decided they just wanted to play soccer.
they have a new option this year - travel baseball. which pretty much extends the season for forever....but I let Jack decide, and he wants to tryout for it.
he is a pretty good ballplayer, and in most places I wouldn't worry....but this is not most places. last year, Jack had kids on his team that could switch hit. (yeah. last year when he was six.) he is also not as competitive as his brothers, which is fine...but not for travel ball. so we've had the talk about how he might not make the team and how he has to play to win....(really lovely talk to have makes you feel like a great parent) and he's still game. so hopefully. hopefully. he'll make it. I'll just hold my breath until it's over...

have I mentioned how cute little boys look in baseball outfits uniforms? love it.

happy weekend.


pakosta said...

i love your randomness. and boy oh boy, just be thankful you have a boy for a teenager. savannah is only 9 and has acted like a teen since she was 1 year old. NOT KIDdING HERE!!! she is always on her period LOL!>>>>

sarah said...

oh man.
sometimes boys on their period are WAY worse then girls. YIKES!

LOVE that bday pressie for the evster. HOW fun does that look?!
i wanna try it :)

good luck to jack this weekend!


essie said...