Tuesday, February 17, 2009

happy little disaster...

I've been a tiny bit busy.
organizing my many many recipe binders.
minor for most.
but for me it's an undertaking.
colin says it's because I'm "so anal about these types of things"...
err. thanks?
and yes.
that's a chicken in my recipe binder.
no Colin. not because I want to eat him.
because I love that chicken.
I want him for a pet.
so he's in my recipe binder.
maybe he should be in my home design binder?
yeah. see. he doesn't really fit there either.

that's all today...
aren't you glad you stopped by for a whole lot of nothing...

quote from friday:
Colten "the principle came up to me and said I can't wear my hair up because then other kids might want their hair like mine, and we wouldn't want that."


essie said...


screw the principal!

i want a chicken too, except mine is a JAVA chicken, for REAL

there are JAVA
like they were just made for me to love.

happy almost 1st birthday of auntie-ness!!!

pakosta said...

too funny about cole's hair LOL!

oh and i hear you on the recipes, now i am NOT anal about mine, but i have 3 different binders going on right now and also tons of magazine recipes i tore out that i want to try, about 6" thick of recipes~! and i have a recipe box that's full plus one recipe book. i am afraid i won't recognize the recipes if i move them to a new place so i never organize them! LOL! i do want to put all the tried and true faves into one binder though!!! that's my goal! oh man, make your next move here to chicago burbs (plainfield) so we can have some fun together! just think we could scrap, cook, exercise together!!!!!!

sarah said...

I love that the chicken is in the recipe binder...I somehow envision him next to a recipe about say, chicken stew with biscuits, or something equally as yummy! ;)

stupid principle.
I think he's just jealous he doesn't have hair like coley.


AND. true story.
my word verification? prick.
seriously. LOL!