Monday, February 09, 2009

I love you more than monkeys

colin left yesterday for California...
he will be back next weekend.
no sooner did he leave,
coley was through the door with a bloody knee.
its inevitable.
colin is here and all is fine.
he leaves and people start bleeding.
I swear...
(colin is one that deals well with blood and puke. I. am. not.)
so of course,
cole is completely calm.
I am a total lulubird. running around the house trying to locate the neosporin.
I made it back to the bathroom, and exclaimed.
"well, I can't find the neosporin...but I've got the camera!"
lucky for me, my kids love me and my crazy.
(col...we miss you!)
it was really not bad AT ALL....just made me want to yak. because I'm weird like that...

the "good" thing about colin being gone...
is I get a car during the day.
which meant target this morning...
and coffee in my monkey holder gabby got me for christmas.
the way I see it = this is ridiculously fabulous. oooooh dear. seriously is that not A-door-able?!?!?
monkeys AND starbucks. I can hardly stand it.
major improvement to the MON(key)day.
then to hobby lobby to get the supplies for the boys Valentine "curtains"*...
because after halloween, and the 4th...
valentines day is my favorite.
*(I make them valentines that hang from ribbons...
while they're sleeping I hang them in their doorways)
photos to follow.

I also picked up a package of artist trading cards.
not for me ...for jack.
he's doing a ATC kids swap. adorable.
I personally have never done ATCs. but when I saw the swap, I knew jack would flip.
(which he did)
and who knew Strathmore actually has little packs of bristol and watercolor paper, canvas, and illustration board all precut...cutecutecute....

over dinner last night,
jack was explaining what he is planning to create,
and colten said...

"wow. whoever gets your cards is really lucky because when you're a famous artist they'll be worth a LOT of money."

I know. sugar. so sweet it makes my teeth hurt.
jack just swelled with pride.


audneal said...

Cass and Cami are doing that same swap. They are really excited about it!

And I love your monkey cupholder. That is just perfect!!!

essie said...

i love you,
i really do!

when tony leaves, all kinds of madness's the nature of the beast!

pakosta said...

OH man, i am NOT good with blood either!!! what a test you have with the 3 boys there must be blood every other day LOL!!!!!!
oh please tell me what section you got the little strathmore cards in?! i need to go to Michaels....!!! i have to tell my girls about the swap stilL! they both LOVE to draw!!! i hope they get jacks LOL! that way i know we will be rich later when we cash it in on ebay after he is famous LOL!

sarah said...

that monkey is WAY cute!
i love the little ears :)

you'll have to be sure to show us jacks cards...very cool he's doing a kids ATC swap!


gabbyfek said...

it's a monkey.
happy monkey day.

how i loooooooooove you.
and coley.
and his sweet words.
and his bleedy knee.
and your funny funny friends.

Christy said...

Taking pix of bloody knees rather than applying first wonder I love you so much! LOVE your monkey cup holder...that is just so, so, so cute! xoxo