Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the metabolism I wish I still had...

isn't his hair pretty when he spins around...
(someone needs a haircut in a bad way)
apparently a photo to commemorate the first shaving experience was just not in the cards for this mom...
he's so not fun. well. he's a little fun. and a lot funny.
he's also attempting to eat me out of house and home.
I was warned of this time.
but, I had no brothers, nothing to gage this insanity.
really you can't understand the extent of the eating.
it's like he can't get enough food.
constant eating.

I made chili for dinner the other night.
thinking I was clever,
I decided to double it, so I could freeze half for an easy quick meal.
great plan in theory.
great plan until Jared got home from soccer the other night.
and ate all the leftovers.
he was "hungry".
he is always hungry.
it's literally one thing after another.
"can I have a hot pretzel?"
"a fruit roll?"
"some chips?"
"some of this juice?"
"an apple?"
"some chex mix?"
"a granola bar?" ....
it's a bottomless pit.

he's always been a big eater.
it's just in overdrive.
hyperactive hyperdrive...
I'm in big trouble.
and don't worry.
the other two manage to hold their own just fine.


Colin said...

Yes, I forgot the trash. Maybe Jared can eat it. That is about all we'll have left by Friday.

erika said...

just for the record you can't say a word about the laundry....
trash boy.
your one job.
so naughty.

Jason Ebeling said...

If you find the perfect "filler food" please let us know. We're in the same boat as you guys with three boys - and hopefully our two girls will eat like, well, girls.

essie said...

dollie just walked by and said
"WHO is that?!!"
"he's wearing dennis' hoodie"

i have no idea who dennis is, but, i DO know who that is in the photo

talk to me about the extra $100+ that we've added to our WEEKLY food bill to cover the cost of teenagers in our house.

ack indeed!

pakosta said...

he's too cute! maybe i should have warned you about the eating, i have 5 big brothers! i used to race to the kitchen or there would be NOTHING left for us two girls LOL!