Monday, February 23, 2009

Erin's World Famous Blog....

My sister-in-law has a new blog.
YAY Erin!
and I thought as retribution thanks for passing my blog address out
at her wedding rehearsal dinner,
I'd announce it here. (she can thank me later)
So. things you should know before leaving my mindless blog.
she uses words like metaphorical, scoffed, innocuously, and austere.
(I'm not going to lie, had to look up that last means severely simple; without ornament/severe in manner or appearance. I'm sure you already knew that, but man do I love
she and my little wordsmith Jack are obviously related...

she writes beautifully. now Erin I have a few requests that maybe you'll consider entertaining?!?
please post some photos.
photos of your apartment,
of SanFran.....
of you in your cute clothes.
oooh. like maybe of you in your cute Frye boots that I covet.
I do realize that that is not at all where you are heading with your blog.
but maybe you could do a fashion piece weekly...and help a sister out.
excellent plan.
or, just post random photos that don't relate at all to the story you're telling.
gosh I'm full of fantastic ideas....

in any case.
go meet Erin.
you will like her.

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