Monday, February 02, 2009


Jack says everyone should be lucky enough to have hot water bottles from germany when they have double ear infections...
especially ones with a cool skull and crossbones cover.
it makes ears feel oooh so much better.
poor sick banana...


essie said...

oh my little man!!!!
tell him that german love will be on its way to the frozen treehouse (or the tree-sicle, as i have been referring to ya'll over there in the land of ice and snow).
i'll put together something just for him-with cole's bdayness.

it's Fasching over here (the german carnivale) so there are all kinds of crazy available for your post office pleasure!
the mail man is still delivering, right?!

gabbyfek said...

look at my jackman's face!!!!
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. :(
poor boo.
get well soon, nephew!

sarah said...

ear infections are horrible.
poor jack :(
thank goodness for the skull on his hot water bottle. i'm SURE that helps. feel better soon jack!!