Thursday, February 12, 2009

foolish games

impromptu jam session after bath time...seems my dream that someday someone would be able to play the guitar out on the back patio on warm summer nights is becoming a reality.
(the part of the dream where that someone is playing old Jewel songs, I've been told will in fact never become a reality)

and don't panic.
the big one still managed to continue texting...


pakosta said...

they are too cute!
this is the stuff life is made of and i am so glad you capture it every day! you are a fun and great mom!

essie said...

i love the snaps-
and you KNOW the jack will play jewel for you.

sarah said...

aw. you are lucky...
you've got two boys to play you songs on the back patio!

cute pics.
love the look jack is giving j in that one picture :)